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IDEAL FOR: Corporate, Non-profits & Volunteer Groups.

Creating a Yes We Can Attitude in the Workplace: Making Diversity an asset.
Diversity (Age, culture, gender; ethnicity, class) is an asset in the workplace and when we can start to support one another’s differences and acknowledge them as assets, only then can we start to build teams and cultures that over achieve and have a Yes We can Attitude!

Sandra draws on her positivity and life experiences to untap resources her audiences didn’t even know they had. She motivates teams and individuals to create a work/volunteer environment that is nurturing and innovative.

Sandra Whiting is an unconventional speaker who delivers her message through the power of storytelling, lived experience and practical examples to move people and teams to a YES WE CAN Attitude!

Attendees will:

  1. Manage & Move past conflict to collaboration for a common purpose
  2. Distinguish that “different” does not mean difficult and how to recognize good intentions to successfully work together
  3. Recognize and build on the hidden strengths and talents of people from diverse cultures and people of all ages
  4. Celebrate the “we” in awesome teamwork


Sandra’s name is recognized widely for her invaluable contributions to Arts and Culture in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

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