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I was going to email you and tell you that you were SO well received! Everyone loved you. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your wonderful stories with us, we only wish you the best in your future endeavours”… “She came into my school and had over 500 kids captivated by her stories. Her charm, intelligence and quick wit is enjoyed by all!
Sabrina RazackTDSB
Sandra Whiting is the real deal. Her stories, her performance, her knowledge … she represents all as solid as can be. She’s fun, and funny and a true inspiration.
Tom AllenCBC On Air Host
The name Sandra Whiting is synonymous with excellence. One of Canada’s leading cultural animators and programmers, Sandra is a reservoir of innovative ideas. As a keynote speaker or host, she brings to her audience her extensive background working with Canada’s diverse cultural communities. A tour de force of voice her presentations are engage, dynamic, and thought provoking.
Itah SaduCo-Owner, “A Different Book List”
Sandra is a captivating storyteller, alternatively humorous or poignant. She is always an asset to any lineup. I have also worked with Sandra when she has emceed events; not an easy job. Using a quick wit and delightful charm she keeps things moving, intros the various acts beautifully, handles any unexpected challenges with aplomb, and helps to make the event a memorable occasion. 

Hire her!
Tiki Mercury-ClarkeSinger/Storyteller
I have known Sandra for many years…What has always struck me about her is that she is someone who walks her talk. She has long been known as a speaker and storyteller and truly demonstrates the power of story to engage and connect with her audiences. Sandra is a delight as she weaves stories of her life and experience into a tapestry that both uplifts and inspires upon recall. Her seemingly effortless ability to understand her audience and forge a genuine connection with them will leave enduring memories that will resonate long after her talk is done.
David SeemungalFinancial Advisor


Sandra Whiting is an unconventional speaker who delivers her message through the power of storytelling, lived experience and practical examples to move people and teams to a YES WE CAN Attitude! Sandra’s personal brand embodies excellence and vision not to mention dynamism, eloquence and charisma. (read more)


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